Flat Yarn Extrusion Machine

Flat Yarn Extrusion Machine

Flat Yarn Extrusion Machine using material of polypropylene & high density polyethylene, through heating, extruding and drawing, makes tape that is then winded for the weaving of the circular loom.

Have been improved so many times, the machine can use 100% recycle PP & PE, powder or grain PP & HDPE to produce the tapes. The screw and cylinder of extruder are made of 38CrMoA1A alloy steel, the hardness is over HV950 after nitrogenation treatment. Helical gear reducer made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel is applied to the extruder, the gears & chain wheels are made of 45#medium carbon steel and done the treatment of high frequency quench. The driving rollers are electroplated with hard Cr and the tension self-controlling of winding-rollers are applied to the driving unit. The cylinder of extruder, triton and die adopt aluminum cast heater which is endurable.


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