Classification and use of plastic bag making machines

(1) Low pressure polyethylene plastic bag
(2) Polypropylene plastic bag
(3) PVC plastic bags
Use of plastic bags
(1) Use of high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:
A, food packaging: cakes, sweets, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc.;
B, fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, needle cotton, chemical fiber products;
C, packaging of daily chemicals.
(2) Use of low pressure polyethylene plastic bags:
A, garbage bags, strain bags;
B, convenient bags, shopping bags, handbags, vest bags;
C, fresh-keeping bag;
D, woven bag inner bag
(3) Use of polypropylene plastic bags:
Mainly used for packaging textiles, needle cotton products, clothing, shirts, etc.
(4) Use of PVC plastic bags:
A, gift bag;
B, luggage bags, needle cotton packaging bags, cosmetic packaging bags;

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