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Qunlee not only creates a wide range of plastic bag making machines, but also manufactures various types of special purpose plastic bag making machines. Take a look at some of the special purpose machines that Qunlee specializes in:
Courier and Security Bag Machine
When producing courier and security bags, the quality and make of the plastic bag is crucial. Such bags are usually used to transfer or transport high-value products, important documents and other sensitive items making it all the more necessary to produce bags that are tamper proof. This is why we have introduced a fully automatic, high speed courier and security bag making machine going up to speeds of 200 cycles per minute. This machine can be used to create security and courier bags that can be used by banks, online shopping portals, courier, transportation services and related services to ensure product safety during transit.
Slit Sealing and Gusseting Machine
While the slit sealing and gusseting machine has a number of applications in the market, it is most commonly used to make gusseted tubing from a lay flat sheet, with the added feature of adjusting the printing in the Gusset. It is mainly used to produce bread bags, diaper bags and other varieties of bottom sealed bags, including shopping bags.
Hygiene and Wicket Bags
Bags used to secure hygiene products and wicket bags are created using high speed side weld bag making machines. Keeping in mind the increasing demand for such products, our range of special purpose bag making machines offer a number of different models that come with different attachment options, options enabling you to make a variety of side sealed or wicket bags.
Diaper Bag Machines
Taking the thought of special purpose machines forward, we have developed a specialized plastic bag making machine to produce patch handle diaper bags featuring high seal strength and tolerances achieved with our innovative systems.

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