Qunli Plastic Bag Making Machine Overview

In the Feeding section, roll-fed flexible packaging film is unwound from a feeder roll. Feeder rollers are used to move the film through the machine to carry out the required operations. Feeding is usually an intermittent operation and other operations like sealing and cutting are carried out when feeding has stopped. Dancer systems are used to maintain a constant tension on film web. Feeders and dancers are required for maintaining tension and critical accuracy in feed.
In the Sealing section, temperature controlled sealing elements are brought into contact with the film for a specified amount of time to appropriately seal the material. The sealing temperature and sealing time is dependent on the type of material and they need to be maintained constant for different speeds of the machine. The sealing element configuration and thereby the machine format is dependent on the sealing type dictated by the bag design. In most machine formats, sealing is accompanied by cutting and both of these are carried out only when feeding has come to stop.

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