Structural characteristics and control methods of plastic bag making machines

The main feature is that the storage device stores the corresponding amount of raw materials, the stepping device drives the raw materials, the frequency conversion device drives the heat sealing cutter, the whole bag device is in the whole bag after the number of fixed bags is produced, and the heat sealing cutter controls the temperature through the temperature controller to control the raw materials. Sealing and cutting, the control device coordinates all aspects of the action.
The frequency converter has automatic torque compensation, slip compensation, automatic voltage regulation and other functions. In the case of frequent start and stop of the motor, the motor can be effectively protected, and the influence of the starting current on the power grid can be avoided, and energy saving and consumption reduction can be effectively realized.
Plastic bag making machine main control method
1) Open the discharge switch and control the operation of the storage motor through the storage photoelectric to store the quantitative materials.
2) Turn on the heating control switch and warm the hot knife through the temperature controller.
3) The raw material action is driven by the stepping motor, wherein the white bag sealing and cutting is to determine the stepping motor to stop the fixed number of steps to achieve the fixed length control; the color bag sealing and cutting is to realize the positioning control by detecting the electric signal to detect the corresponding signal to stop the stepping motor.
4) After the stepping motor stops, the three-phase asynchronous motor drives the hot knife to seal and cut.
5) After sealing and setting the number of bags, carry out the whole bag.
Structural features of plastic bag making machine
1) Automatic high-position parking, temperature control uses a smart meter to control the thyristor. The temperature difference is small and the sensitivity is high.
2) On the self-adhesive, pneumatic punching, the barrel material is cut, and the flange can be completed in one time.
3) Small and light, convenient and practical, long service life, automatic feeding, automatic counting, automatic sealing, one-time forming, very convenient to make.
4) The temperature is controllable and the speed is adjustable. This machine adopts electronic temperature control, heat and temperature can be set arbitrarily, so it can be suitable for various materials and various thickness bags.
5) The main control part is controlled by single-chip computer.
6) The stepper motor (or servo motor) controls the length of the bag and automatically counts the alarm in advance.
7) The discharge part can also be configured with automatic correction if necessary.
8) Using computer control, the servo system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. The device's electric eye tracking makes the position of the printed bag accurate.

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