Zhejiang Qunli Plastic Bag Making Machine Formats

The bag bottom is closed due to the folding over operation and the bag top can be left open or closed by zipper or similar attachment. Simple configuration of this type has servos only for the feeders and VFDs for all other axes. It can produce bags upto 500 mm at 200 bags / min. In advanved machines, servos are used for feeders, sealers and stackers which can produce bags upto 300 per minute.
This type is used typically for long bag lengths upto 2000mm @ 120 bags / minute. Material which is in form of tube (two layers) is fed from the unwinder. The material is fed by using either one or two sets of servo driven feeders. A main mechnical cam driven by induction motor will actuate the seal head, flying knife and stacker. The flying kife consists of a blade which is attached to a belt and when the belt rotates the blade cuts the material. The tube gets sealed and a cut is made below the seal, so that a tube with bottom closed is formed and hence the name bottom seal machine. In higher speed types of bottom seal two servo feeders and servo driven Flying cutter is used to achieve 180 bags / minute.
Machines that produce pouches are the most versatile and sophisticated bag making machines. They are fed upto four layers of material from independent unwinders to produce stand up pouches. These machines typically have two to three sets of servo driven feeders. Cross sealers and side sealers are used to seal up to four sides of the bag. In simple machines the top part of all the sealers is moved by a single induction motor while the bottom part of sealers are stationary. In sophistcated designs the top and bottom parts of the sealers are moved against each other by a servo motor.

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