pp woven bag by bag printing machine

pp woven bag by bag printing machine

This machine is used for printing letters, figures and trademark on plastic woven bags with 2 - 5color register. The unit can count automatically and achieve fine tune of color register, photoelectric technologies are applied to automatic printing.
1.Meter counter equipped with pre-alarming bell.
2.1500-3500p/h, step less governor.
3. Imported PVC Transmission belt, automatic positioning
4. Printing roller can be automatically tracing and separating
5. Oil leaking device can be replaced freely, oil-ink roller and offset can be separated and harmonized
6. Transferring oil-ink by roller, enhancing polished light for printing, saving oil-ink
7. Rear transmission can be delayed with the function of airing
8. High precision, the color overprint

Motor power



Thickness of plate making


Working member


Printing speed


Max. printing area


Max.material feeding


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